Saturday, February 1, 2014

Felt Ball Mobile

I had visions of this mobile dancing above Ollie's crib when he wasn't yet born, and well into his second year, I finally got it made. 

Making it was fairly simple. I just gathered some fallen branches from our backyard, soaked them in bleach, and let them dry.

Then, I cut them to the sizes I wanted, and laid them out in a general mobile shape.

I used embroidery floss to sting the felted wool balls, and tied them to the branches, using triple knots and securing them with glue so it's nice and strong.

And then I hung it with a piece of leather cord, and let my little guy enjoy it. Finally.


  1. it's beautiful! felt balls are such eye candy, this is a perfect way to show them off.

  2. It's brilliant!! Love the colors! You're kind of a magician when it comes to colors...

  3. love the idea of bleaching wood! I am also behind kid projects, I have a quilt that's been cut out for 1.5 years now...maybe some day!

  4. This is fantastic and I love all the colours. I wanted to make felt ball garland for our xmas tree this year but didn't get a chance. Seeing these strung up in a mobile is so fun, makes me smile too.

  5. I love it! And yay for finishing things that have been sitting in your brain for years (literally). Also, yay for blogging. :D

  6. How did you hang it from the ceiling? About how long is the leather cord from ceiling to mobile?


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